Blackjack Guide

If you are not already playing Blackjack, then you are missing a lot. The game is available in almost every online casino; learn about it and give it a try

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Blackjack in South Africa. Blackjack is the most widely played casino banking game in the world. It is a very popular card game and has millions of fans playing it across the globe. One major reason for the popularity of the game is that it is easy to play. But still, a lot of people are yet to understand the concept of blackjack. Continue reading this comprehensive guide to know more about this game.

The Best South African Online Casinos To Play Blackjack in 2024

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History of Blackjack

Blackjack was formerly known as Vingt-Un, also the English version of twenty-one. The first written reference to the game is found in a book written by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. Later references to the game were found in France too.

The first record of the game was in France in 1768, and in Britain, in the 1770s and 1780s. However, the first rules of the game appeared in Britain in 1800; at this time, the game was still referred to as Vingt-Un. After that, the game found its way to the United States in the early 1800 and the rules of the game improved. English Vingt-Un later developed into an American variant in its own right and was renamed Blackjack around 1899. Since that, the game gradually became popular and more modifications were made to the game. 

Blackjack Review

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a very straightforward game to play; the game is easy to understand and is guided by simple rules. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. Each participant attempts to beat the dealer by getting a count as close to 21 as possible without going over 21. I know you are probably thinking, how do you make it happen? 

The Play of the Game

The cards are first shuffled, then the dealer shares two cards with each player. After that, starting from the player to the left, each player gets to decide when is their turn to “stand” (not ask for another card) or “hit” (ask for another card in an attempt to get closer to the card number summing up to 21). This continues until either a player “stands” or goes “bust.” To go bust means that the numbers on your cards are more than 21, which implies you’ve lost. So, your wager goes to the dealer.

Rules of the Game

The rules of Blackjack are quite simple. Once you understand the game, you are going to love it. Some basic rules of blackjack include:

  • Aces are worth 1 or 11, and face cards are worth 10
  • Each player starts with two cards. One of the dealer’s cards is hidden till the end of the game.
  • You can only double or split your bet on the first move
  • You get blackjack if you are dealt 21 from the start.
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Terms Used in Blackjack

For a South African gambler, it’s essential to know the glossary of Blackjack. Below are listed some of the  main terms used in this game: 

Anchorman – The last player to act before the dealer 

Bankroll – The portion of your money that you are willing to gamble with 

Blackjack – When your first two cards make 21

Bust – The term bust is used when you run out of your bankroll

Cold deck – This term implies when the shoe (box holding all the cards) is spewing out awful cards and is causing the players to lose way too much.

Popular (Local) Blackjack Variations

There are several variations of the game, some of which include:

Blackjack Switch

The blackjack switch is the most popular type of Blackjack. It requires the players to bet on both hands simultaneously. This means that players need to make two bets that are at least the amount to get dealt in the hand.  

Free Bet Blackjack

When playing free bet blackjack, players get free double down on 9,10, and 11. Players are also allowed to split for free if the pair they have does not equal 20. You can also make a free double down after a free split. However, in free bet blackjack, the dealer pushes any live hand if 22 is made.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 allows players to double down on any number of cards, and splitting is permitted after. The term is known as “double down rescue” which implies that players can surrender after doubling down. Also, at Spanish 21, a 21 always wins.

Super Fun 21

This variant of Blackjack is always spread in a single or double-deck format. Players are allowed to double down on any number of cards, even after a split. Moreover, South African gamblers are allowed to surrender at any time. Blackjack always wins, but even money is only paid when it is an ace and the face of the diamond.

Most Liberal 21

This game makes it possible for players to double down on any number of cards and surrender at any point. Aces may be split, re-split, and hit. You can still double down after splitting aces. A five-card or higher than 21 wins automatically. This game is only found at the plaza in downtown Las Vegas.

War Blackjack

War blackjack is majorly a side bet. A player gets to wager on whether his first card beats the dealer’s door card. In this game, the ace is low. The player also has the freedom to decide if he wants to cap the blackjack bet with the war blackjack bet if it wins.

Blackjack Variations

Live Games vs. Software Games

In most online gambling sites casino games are available in two formats, live dealer and digital, where results are generated by a computer algorithm. Both live casino games and software games have their advantages. Online Blackjack is an evolving way to play your favorite casino game. The rules are the same, and they both have the same characteristics. The main difference between live and regular Blackjack is the experience you feel. Note that card-counting strategies are impossible in online Blackjack.

Blackjack House Edge

House edge is the gain that goes to the gambling venue. Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges compared to other casino games. With a perfect betting strategy, the house edge is 0.5%. But, depending on your skill level; it can go up or down. At some local casinos in South Africa, the house edge may be as low as 0.28%

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Blackjack Strategies

Finding the right strategy for each Blackjack variation can be quite challenging. But, here are mentioned some of the many blackjack strategies and tips you might consider: 

Surrender – If you don’t like your initial hand, you can decide to give it up in exchange for half of your original bet.

Splits – If you have two cards of equal value, you can decide to put out a second wager and have the dealer split the two cards.

Double – A situation where you have a hand total, which is a good thing; however, you still need to take another card. You can decide to double your initial wager, and the dealer will deal you only one additional card.

Hit/Stand – Hit is when you want more cards to improve your hand total. While the stand is when your first two cards are accepted, and you don’t request another card.

Card Counting – This is one of the most popular blackjack strategies, It’s not very easy to learn, but once you it can help to reduce the blackjack house edge dramatically. Learn more about card counting in blackjack here.

Play Blackjack online

Blackjack is also available online in South Africa, so if you can’t go to a casino or a game house, you can always play in the comfort of your house. There are several advantages while playing Blackjack online, like not worrying about making any mistakes, especially if you are new to the game. 

Blackjack online is also played at a much faster pace, which means you can get through more hands. In order to have a thrilling experience, there are several factors to consider while choosing online casinos. Above all, make sure that the casino is fully licensed and has good security measures. Then you can also check out the payment options, bonuses available, and the availability of other games. 

Tips to Play Blackjack

Even though you can’t really predict whether you will win or not, below  are listed a few basic tips that can help you improve your blackjack play:

  • Understand the basic strategy of the game
  • Make use of a strategy card
  • Play the games that have liberal rules
  • Try as much as possible to not make the insurance wager
  • Avoid progressive strategies
  • Don’t pay attention to your fellow players
  • Do away with the thought that you are due to win; you never really know
  • Don’t play on tables that use continuous shuffler

Mobile Blackjack

There is a high-quality blackjack game that is easily available on your mobile device and has an interesting interface. Nowadays, playing on mobile devices has become quite popular among South African enthusiasts because of the many advantages it brings. The most important thing is that players get to choose any mobile casino of their choice without leaving their homes. As long as you have the internet, you can play Blackjack from anywhere you want. 

Online Blackjack

Real Money Gaming vs. Free to Play

Whether you are playing for free or for real money in an online casino in South Africa, you are guaranteed to have quality time. However, it is important to know the difference. Real money is when you wager real cash, while free play is when you use fake coins or credit. Usually, when you play for free, you don’t earn a real prize, but still, you experience the game in its natural form. While at a real money casino with real cash, you have the chance to win jackpot prizes, bets, and other incentives. 


Blackjack in South Africa is not only popular; it is worth the popularity. This game has amazing features that continue to draw more players to it. The fact that this casino game is easy to understand and is guided by simple rules makes it arguably the best card game, not to mention that by mastering this game players can reduce the house advantage, and increase the chance to win. This card game can be found in any top online casino and can be played as a digital version also a lot of tables are available at live casino games.


In order to win, you first need to understand how to play the game and know the basic strategies

Yes, you can. You can easily access mobile casinos in a browser, casinos that provide Blackjack

There are several strategies to use. And no particular one is the best; feel free to learn the ones you can; they always come in handy

The rules are the same, and they both have the same characteristics. However, you can undermine the feeling of being in a brick-and-mortar setting

Both have their advantages. However, it is easier to know the cards that are out of the deck with a single deck

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