Privacy Policy appreciates and values your utilization of this site and is committed to respecting your privacy rights by taking all required steps and measures to protect them adequately. This is why we have created the privacy policy page to let you know the process involved in how we collect, manage, and use your personal information as part of the normal mode of operation of this website.

The collection of your personal information is controlled by our terms and conditions, either of which may be updated regularly. The user’s responsibility is to review these documents meticulously as often as possible, due to the fact that any changes to the page will take instant effect. 

Understanding how we keep your information as secure as possible allows you to be acquainted with the current and updated governing contents. It is important to note that you give your consent and agree to the practices described on this page related to the data we collect and how we process them.

Types of Information Collected

Most websites collect some data from you whenever you visit them. But, the collection process itself is completely safe. There are two types of data collected from users:

Non-personal Information

This type of data collection refers to the general information about you and your activities on the site. This information does not seek to identify you through your utilization of our site.  

Some information gotten includes accumulated usage information and technical data like your IP address and other non-personal technical details. Software and hardware information such as the type of browser and operating system your device uses and language are also gathered.

All data about your activities performed on our website is also accumulated to improve the effective running of the services we render. In general, non-personal information is collected to make the site valuable and resourceful to the users.

Personal Information

On the other hand, personal information primarily focuses on attaining the particular needs of the individual users. The data gathered reveals the different information associated with respective users’ identities, provided with your consent. 

The provision of this information is a voluntary act and cannot be acquired without your approval. Some information collected that requires the disclosure of your personal information, and descriptive attributes are:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number (home or personal number)
  • Your home or office address

This personal information of users is stored for many permissible reasons and what’s most important, none of this personal data will ever be shared or revealed to any outside party. 

Cookie Policy

Cookies contain the information collected which our site those are small data packets that are sent by a site and stored on a user’s device by a browser application,, which needs to run adequately based on specific users’ visits. These cookies which contain various information and attributes, allow us to make your navigation and usage more personalized and satisfying. The primary purpose is to ensure the smooth and effective running of the site while also giving you personalized user features. Some of them include recovering and recognizing respective user data and actions, measuring the length and number of visits, reminders of visitor preferences, etc, However, cookies cannot be used to collect or store your personal data. If you do not consent to the use of these cookies, you can disable or delete cookies through the settings in your browser application.

Protection of Data

At, we assure our users 100% protection of every information gathered. We follow all standard protocols, rules, and regulations that govern individual data policy and user privacy. We use all the necessary protection and security software to protect user data, but none of the security technologies can 100% guarantee protection from failures. Therefore in this scenario, we are not responsible for such a failure, and by using our site you acknowledge and agree to it and realize us from any liability.

Non-disclosure of Information to Third Party

The authoritative department which stores the data is liable for preventing any exposure and that would be safeguarded at all times until requested by the law. Thus, top casino ensures that every personal data and information collected isn’t disclosed to any third party. Moreover, when we’re done with your information, we make sure we dispose of it. But, the length of time the data is kept, depends on the type of information and the risk involved. However, there are third-party links on our website, leading to other betting or gambling websites, and when you click on the link, we may share some information with that site it includes, but is not limited to the link you click, and the affiliate code. Our Privacy Policy applies only to our website, and when visiting any other website by clicking a third-party link on our website make sure to read their Privacy Policies.


It is important to note that the project managers have the right to update this privacy policy page whenever they think it’s necessary. We may notify you when making changes to the policy but permission from or advanced mandatory notice to our users isn’t required. Therefore, you are advised to read this page often to keep yourself abreast of any new changes made. 

Policy Acceptance

Utilizing our site, just like any other, indicates a user’s acceptance and compliance with this policy.  You accept that you are of legal age for gambling,  the data can be collected from you, and that it can be used by us. To remain informed and aware of any modification made to this policy, users should frequently check the privacy policy page for changes.

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