How to Identify Blacklisted Casinos

Do you ever wonder about the existence of blacklisted casinos in ZA? It will be of little concern after reading this article. Check here for more information

Despite the rapid increase in sports gambling, a good number of casinos out there cannot be trusted and are therefore blacklisted. These casinos are excluded because they do not meet the requirements that protect customers’ data and information. They perform dubious activities and are known for unreliable customer service and unfair games. Hence, it would help if you watched out for these casinos when looking for a platform to place your bet.

Keep reading this article to get more information about blacklisted casinos in South Africa and how to avoid them. 

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Why Some of Your Favorite Casinos Fall Into the Blacklist

Taking into account that some casino fraudsters are still roaming the internet street, this article will help you identify them. More so, here is our useful review of casino gambling sites’ rules and regulations to keep every bettor in check while taking the necessary steps.

Rigged Games

Online casinos that rig their games are not acceptable in South Africa and other law-governing countries. Casinos in this category change the numbers while the game is on, leaving bettors in total confusion. Since it is a general belief that most houses win regardless, many bettors pay little or no attention to this trick. Watch the points or odds carefully and identify if they are stable before playing any casino game – any shift in the figure is an indication of a fraudulent act.

Late Payout

Truthfully, countries like the US, where it is not legalized for financial institutions to validate bet transactions, may result in payment delays. On the other hand, South Africa legalized both physical and online casinos and has a huge growth in the industry. Hence, payment should not be an issue in this case.

Sometimes, even the best online casinos may have genuine technical issues for delaying users’ payout. But once this exceeds three months and the sportsbooks lie about the cause of the problem, you can expect them to not stay in the market for long. Eventually, casinos in this category end up on the blacklist.

Sells Players Information

A significant rule of real money casinos is never to leak out gamblers’ information and protect it at all costs. Blacklisted gambling sites are the ones that broke the law by selling off customers’ information like emails to marketing companies. Marketers breach customers’ privacy as they begin to send numerous advertising emails. Any online casino in this region caught selling users’ information to any third party whatsoever will be considered unprofessional, especially with the South African regulatory bodies.

Blacklisted Casinos Review

Bonus Fraud Becoming a Thing Among Online Casinos

Sportsbooks often cheat their customers using casino bonuses and offer. It baffles why casinos cheat because the edges are often in their favor, while the unreal bonus offer has always been the quickest means to capture users’ attention.

The best online casinos usually offer exciting bonuses for new users. Still, research shows that many offers and promotions from disguised casinos do not apply as presented – courtesy of casino fraudsters. Many of them do not pay the promised amount, while others change the terms and conditions, leaving users with no choice but to neglect any legal charges.

On the other hand, many users may be guilty of negligence and nonchalance, as 90% of customers do not read the terms and conditions before registering on a website. South African online casinos run a transparent policy and provide users with any vital information they should know.

Another subtle way blacklisted casinos cheat gamblers is by being unclear about the bonus procedures. Many bettors make the mistake of depositing money despite the uncertainty. This has caused a big pitfall for gamblers and never seems to stop until one studies the necessary information. One of the most vital sources of information is our reviews of the top online casinos, which accept players from South Africa.

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The Red Flags that Rogue Casinos Exhibit

Spotting rogue casinos is one of the easy tasks for a gambler. Unfortunately, many gamblers are drawn by their greed and rather ignore the red flags. Interestingly, there are several reputable online casinos, and all you need is to locate them. Check how we review the top casinos in South Africa to avoid falling victim to the dubious acts of blacklisted casinos.

You can look for other casinos or deal with the red flags at your stake. The most important thing is not being ignorant of the dubious possibilities.

Once you check these online casinos, you can identify their legitimacy in the “about us” section. The software developer should be a reputable company, and the page should include details about the gambling company. This consists of the physical location, license link, and the top owners. When anything goes wrong, it is traceable with this information.


Some online casinos may offer quality services but are blacklisted for not meeting the regulatory body requirement of the existing country. Hence, a successful casino application is not the same as a casino site being legalized. You can read our article on how we review online casino sites for detailed guidelines on what to expect from reputable gambling companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently playing on a blacklisted casino, and you find out, do not panic. Instead, cash out your money if you can, and switch to another online casino

The gambling market is tight, and there is a lot of competitors in and out. Hence, it is almost impossible to identify every existing blacklisted gambling site online. Every bettor can only avoid becoming a victim by watching if any of the red flags exist

Cheat, scam, and lie are the three primary characteristics of a blacklisted casino. Unless you are wrapped up in your greed, you can quickly identify one

Both online and physical casinos ban players from winning too much. Often, this happens when the sportsbooks do not have enough at hand, and they have more to lose. To stay in the money-making business, gambling companies try to create a balance

Unfortunately, getting your real money back is less likely to occur, especially if the company is non-traceable. Once you make payment to the betting site, it is non-refundable. Remember, the goal is to dupe gamblers, so never think of having a chance of earning some profit

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