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Check out the simple rules to play Sic Bo online. Also, discover how to choose a good Sic Bo casino in SA and tips to improve your chances of winning

If you’re a lover of casino table games, then you must have heard about Sic Bo. It is one of the most ancient gambling dice games which originated in China. Even though it isn’t as popular as other games like Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, or Roulette, Sic Bo is still found at a lot of land-based casinos as well as online gambling sites. 

In a nutshell, Sic Bo is a game of chance that is played with three dice. Apart from craps, it is the second most popular dice game in the world. Just like craps, Sic Bo is very easy to learn and play.

Whether or not you’ve heard about Sic Bo before, this guide is for you. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about this exciting casino game. These include the game rules, types of bets, how to play online, and the main terminology. But first, let’s take a look at its origin.

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The History of Sic Bo

It’s quite difficult to state what particular date the game was created as it has evolved, featuring so many variants. Records in Ancient Chinese books show that the game Sic bo was played by fighters as a relaxation activity in the early ages. 

However, dice were yet to be invented during those ancient Chinese ages. Thus, other objects were used instead of dice. These objects include little animal bones, rocks, and shells. Players of the game had to mark these objects. 

The game originally started as a relaxation activity by mentally and physically strong Martial art Fighters. Over time, it made its way into the homes of the elites and was usually played during celebrations and festivals. Eventually, it spread throughout China and Asia. 

Sic Bo is called different names by people of various cultures. The popular names in China include Dai Siu and Tai Sai. Today, it has gained acceptance outside Asia and can be found in several US and SA casinos.

Sic Bo Review

Sic Bo Rules

The rules of the game are quite easy. It features two major elements; the Sic Bo table and the dice. We have explained each one below.

The Sic Bo Table

It is played on a table that contains numbers ranging from 4 to 17. Under each number, you’ll find the corresponding odds for each roll, combination, or sum that you want to wager on. 

The table contains every possible combination of dice in the games, as well as all the available bet options. On this table, you place your bets to begin the game. Understanding the Sic Bo table helps you play the game easily. 

The Dice

Sic Bo is played with three dice and this makes it different from other casino games. These dice are placed in a transparent box, otherwise known as a shaker. The dealer shakes the dice using this box to determine the result of the game. 

At online live casinos, the shaking is done by an automatic machine at the operation of the game host or dealer. Once the dice are rolled, you win if the outcome is the same as the bet you placed.

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How to Play Sic Bo

Playing Sic Bo is as easy as playing other chance games. We have explained them under the steps below:

Step 1: Place your bets

You start by placing your money on the Sic Bo table. Once you do that, the dealer gives you chips based on the amount you place. Then, you will have to decide the combinations you want to bet on and place the chips there. We have described the available combinations and bets further down this guide.

Step 2: The Dealer shakes the dice

Once your bet is settled, the dealer shakes the dice with the use of the transparent box. 

Step 3: Dice Roll

After shaking, the dice are rolled onto the Sic Bo table. If the results are the same as the combination you placed your bet on, you win. The game round ends and another one can begin immediately. 

Bet Types & Payouts

Each betting option in Sic Bo has its odds of winnings. Thus, understanding the options will help you decide your wagers wisely. The available bet types have been explained below

Total: This option involves betting on what will be the total score of all three dice after the roll. The possible scores range from 4 to 17. 

For example, let’s say you bet on 8. You could either get 1-5-2, 2-4-2, 1-6-1, or any other combination which equals 8 in total. Regardless of how the number combines, you still win the round.

Triple: This is also a type of total bet. However, it specifically means that the three dice will show the same number. For example, having 1 on all three dice will result in a total score of 3. You can also have 6 on all three dice and get a total score of 18.

Double: In this option, you are betting that two of the three dice will show a particular number at the end of the roll. For example, if you bet on double 3 and the dice show 3-6-3 in a roll, you win.

Single: This means that any of the three dice will show a particular number. 

Combination bets: In this bet, you could predict that two particular numbers will appear on the dice after the roll. It doesn’t matter what appears on the third dice, as long as you have your two selected numbers, you win the bet. 

Small and Big bets: In this bet, you have a wide range of possible outcomes for the roll. You can bet on Small, which means that the total score on the dice will range from 4 to 10. When you bet on Big, you’re predicting that the score will range from 11 to 17.

Payout table

Bets PayoutsProbability
Small and Big Bets1 to 10.4861
Combination Bet6 to 10.1389
Totals ( 4- 17) Between 62 to 1 and 6 to 10.0139 to 0.1250
Specific Triple180 to 10.0046
Double11 to 10.0741
Single1 dice: 1 to 1, 2 dice: 2 to 1, 3 dice: 3 to 10.3472
Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo Terms

Here are a few terms that you’ll come across when playing Sic Bo online or offline

Birdcage: A Sic Bo version that is played in a glass container known as a birdcage. Its payouts are not so good

Shaker or Cage: any device used to shake and roll the dice

Check a Luck: Another variant of Sic Bo with worse payouts and odds

Layout: the text, pictures, and squares on the Sic Bo table indicate the bets and the payouts.

Snake eyes: A term for when two dice show 1. 

Strong bet: A bet with lower probability but higher payouts

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Play Sic Bo Online

Once you’re ready to play Sic Bo online, here are the steps to take: 

First of all look for a top South African online casino that offers Sic Bo. Then, create a new account on the site and deposit a specific amount of money. Finally, choose your preferred Sic Bo game in the collection and start playing responsibly. 

How to choose where to play

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a good site to play Sic Bo:

  • License: Confirm that the South African site uses a license that permits it to offer games to your location
  • Security: Confirm how the site protects your private data and payment information. To make it easier, just pick a Sic Bo site from our list. You can also check out how we review online casinos here.
  • Bonuses: It becomes much more exciting when you can find casino bonuses to play with. Check what welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards a casino offers before you choose it.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Confirm that the casino site allows you to play games on the go with smartphones and mobile devices
  • Live dealer option: You can enjoy Sic Bo more when you play with a live dealer. Check if a site offers live casinos before you sign up to play.

Tips and Strategy

Here are some tips to improve your chances of winning the game:

First of all, keep it simple If you’re a beginner or a player with a small budget. It’s better to choose bets that offer better odds of winning. These bets include Small, Big, and Combination bets. Even though their payouts are not large, you still have more chances of winning

Also, avoid triple bets. Even though the potential payout is high, the probability of winning a triple bet is only 0.0046. 

Moreover, manage your bankroll properly. You must also note that Sic Bo is a game of chance and there is no guaranteed strategy for winning. If you want to enjoy the game properly, manage your budget well to get enough rounds to play. More rounds give you more chances of winning. 

Final Thoughts

Sic Bo is definitely a game to try for all casino players. It’s a perfect game for relaxation, as it involves no complex strategy or game rules. There are also possibilities of making big wins from the game.

More interesting is the fact that you can play it online using your mobile phone. Thus, you don’t have to sit in front of your computer or visit any land-based building to play. Check our list and reviews of SA casino sites and try out the game right away.


A cage is a container used to shake the Sic Bo dice before rolling

As a beginner, the best betting options are those with high probabilities of winning

The specific triple bet is very risky. You have only 0.0046 chances of winning it

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