Online Casino Reviews

If you’ve been having trouble finding a reliable online casino, this definitive guide of online casino reviews will help you pick one easily.

The Definitive Guide to Picking an Online Casino

Welcome to South African online casinos, a reliable South African casino guides platform where everything is done slightly differently. Slightly in the manner that we only offer factual information in all the information we post, including in online casino reviews. 

We’ve learned it’s crucial to dig beyond the flashy bonus numbers and put the casino to a test as real money casino players would. After all, it’s much easier to write a casino review based on facts collected than those that have been fabricated!

That is exactly what we’ve done. This page, it’s all about helping you pick a casino that meets your preferences. We’ve come up with a detailed structure that elaborates how we review online casinos (the same criteria that you should also use) as well as including a few South Africa friendly online casinos. We obviously recommend that you try some of them before signing up. Cross-check these sites to see if they meet your gaming preferences before signing up. 

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How We Review Online Casinos

Our online casino review(s) recipe sticks to a general format that we feel offers you the most detailed cross-section of the casino you can imagine. This recipe includes the following procedure. 

  • We identify the real money online casino sites that offer their services in South Africa – both new and old ones 
  • We open an account at each one of these online casinos. While doing this, we follow every possible procedure that any ordinary South African player will follow when opening an account. From email verification to account verification, you name it 
  • We deposit real money into our accounts
  • Proceed to play the games. While doing this, we first use the free-to-play option before proceeding to real money gaming 
  • We then test other crucial areas of the online casino and write our honest, unbiased reviews

Below are some of the information that you’ll come in our online casino reviews. Those that are categorized as the best sites will consistently earn high points in most, if not each, category. 

Online Casino Review

What To Look For When Reviewing Online Casinos

To avoid being scammed or finding yourself visiting an online casino that you’ll end up regretting later, there are a few points that we’ve enlisted when reviewing an online casino. Your preferred casino shouldn’t satisfy all these categories, but it should at least meet 3/4 of the points. 

  • The review should have an overview introduction of the online casinos 
  • It should list the casino game software providers 
  • The number, type, and different categories of games should be included 
  • Live casino games should be listed and the type of software provider powering them
  • It should highlight how easy it is to navigate the site and use it generally
  • Mobile casino gaming is also an important aspect that the review should highlight 
  • The customer support services should be described, including contact channels and customer support professionalism

Other areas include: 

  • Licensing information and fair gaming 
  • Promotions and bonuses offered by the casino
  • Supported payment methods 
  • VIP and loyalty programs 
  • Supported languages 
  • A conclusion to summarize the review
  • Pros and Cons of the casino
  • And lastly, a FAQs section

Below is a detailed description of each of the following important areas that we look at when reviewing our online casinos. 

The Introduction

This is the first section of the online casino reviews that we write. It usually tends to give you, the reader, an introduction to the casino. Information that’s normally included in this section includes, but is not limited to: 

  • The parent company 
  • The year it was founded 
  • What is the offering of this casino – does it have a sportsbook, live casino, and online casino under one roof?
  • What games are included in the casino section 

It then proceeds to summarize all the information that you’ll find in the review in bullet points. This is meant to help you have an overview of what you’ll be going through in the text below it. 

Software Providers

Yes, we all want to play at an online casino website that has an attractive software style. One that we won’t mind staring for hours as we watch the other players play their hands or bet on the roulette wheel. But what about some of the advanced features? These are some of the most important things that you should be looking for. So when reviewing a casino based on the software company, consider the following: 

  • Who powers the platform?
  • How many providers are there? 
  • How good is the company’s reputation online? 
  • Is it a download or a no-download software? 

It is important that an online casino supports multiple game providers. These should include a mix and match of reputable and some upcoming providers. This way, you can have a diversified game portfolio. 

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Game Selection at the Online Casino 

Casino slots are what we’d like to consider the backbone of any casino brand, whether it’s a land-based or online brand. But in addition to offering slots, online casinos also tend to offer casino classics. These include the likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, sic bo, and poker among many others. 

When playing at online casinos, players tend to have different priorities when picking a brand based on game selection. 

  • Some prefer slots from a specific provider(s)
  • Others want to play a game with certain features 
  • There are those who will only want to play popular or trendy online slots 
  • And of course, those that will want to play at the casino tables and only take a break to play slots shortly

Therefore, online casino reviews shouldn’t just mention these points briefly, but they should expound more on the same. For instance, it should mention the number and types of casino games, highlight some of the popular games, and state whether the games are playable for free or not. 

Online Casino Games

Live Casino Games Selection

Besides software-based games, there are also live casino games. You know, those that emulate the real-life land-based casino experience online. Over the past decade, these games have become a must-include in the online casino game portfolio and it’s not difficult to see why. 

Therefore, given the popularity of these games, it is important that each review covers the area exhaustively highlighting some of the following features. 

  • The type of games offered 
  • The software provider(s) behind these games 
  • The bet limits 
  • The playability of these games. This section should answer whether you need very high internet speeds, whether the games lag during gameplay, and so on. 

User Experience and Ease of Navigation

Nobody wants to waste minutes trying to find something that could easily be found within a few seconds at the casino. In fact, if you are having a problem accessing some of the basic services such as creating an account or locating your game, how will it be once you start playing for real money? 

This is what the user experience and ease of navigation section highlight. When trying the site, we’ll have our clock on standby to tell you how fast it takes to transition from one page to another, how long it takes for a game to load or the time it takes you to find your preferred game. If in our opinion the website needs to improve on this section, be sure that we will mention it in our review.  

Mobile Casino 

There is no excuse for an online casino platform not to have a perfectly integrated and fully functional mobile casino. We are constantly on the phone, and in most cases, the majority of casino players access online casinos using their devices. This is why we always have to look at mobile casinos with respect to the following areas. 

  • Is it a download platform, a browser-based platform, or both?
  • How well is it integrated with the PC platform?
  • Are there any special games for the mobile casino? 
  • How easy is it to use the mobile casino?
Mobile Casino

Customer Support

Problems are bound to arise whenever you are playing at an online casino. So, it’s only natural that the online casino included a proper communication channel through which players can get help. One way that they’ve done this is by including a fully functional customer support team. 

When reviewing the casino’s customer support team, these are some of the features that we look at: 

  • The available channels 
  • The professionalism of the customer support agents 
  • Their response time

Safety and Security

Over the past decade, cases of theft and fraud in the online casino industry have declined significantly. However, it still doesn’t mean that a casino can’t be hacked. Some cybercriminals have used Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on casinos. These gangs then take valuable information such as your credit/debit card details and ID and use them for malicious activities online. 

To avoid this, we make sure that the casino has several security and safety measures put in place and elaborated on how they plan on protecting the player’s information. For instance: 

  • We look to ensure that they are properly audited by third-party bodies 
  • We also go through their privacy policy page looking at how they use the information they collect from the player


Even though online casino fairness doesn’t start and end with the license, it is still a very important part of online casino gaming. This is the reason why we investigate the casino’s licensing status in our review. Being licensed isn’t just enough! We also look at which territory they are licensed in. 

Promotions and Bonuses

There are several online casino bonuses and promotions. Match deposit offers are very common at online casinos. And even though they are usually heavily restricted, no deposit offers are also offered by the casinos. 

These bonuses and promotions serve one purpose, to let you try out some of the games without depositing any money. Free cash is always appreciated and it’s only human to be attracted to a site that offers ‘unbeatable’ deals. 

But beyond the flashy numbers, do you know that there are terms and conditions that you have to meet before receiving some of this cash? For instance, wagering requirements, expiry dates, and maximum win amount among others. 

Therefore, when reviewing a casino, we tend to look at some of these conditions. We then compare them with what other online casinos have to offer. This way, you can make a decision yourself on whether you’d like to claim them or not.  

As humans, we tend to stick to payment options that we are accustomed to. However, there are some who are restricted to a certain payment option because of how they live. To help you get a picture of the payment options supported, we will sign up, visit the payments page, and list all the available options for South African players. 

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Payment Methods

This is just the least that we do, to check which payment methods accept an online casino. We also go ahead and look at the deposit and withdrawal limits supported by the casino. Lastly, we look at the time frames for both withdrawals and deposits. 

VIP and Loyalty Programs

Being part of a club or special group of people comes with a lot of perks and advantages. At top South African online casinos, there’s the VIP program, which is a privilege that’s offered only to a handful of loyal players. However, not all online casinos offer this privilege and when it’s present in an online casino, the perks vary from one site to another. 

Therefore, if you are accustomed to the VIP way of life, you’ll be pleased to know our reviews have all the details regarding the same. When reviewing a casino based on the VIP and loyalty program, we look at the following areas. 

  • The method of qualification 
  • The number of tiers available 
  • The perks that come with the VIP program
VIP Programs

Languages Supported

South Africa is a country that hosts residents from all over the world. It’s, therefore, only fair for an online casino to offer its services in multiple languages used widely across the world. When reviewing an online casino, we’ll examine the languages supported and list them in this section. 


The conclusion part of the review is the summary of the whole casino review. For those of you who don’t have the time to go over the whole review, this section gives you a summary of what has been included in the review. This summary is usually presented in the form of an opinion from the team that was writing the review.

Pros and Cons

It’s a section that includes a summary of the strong points and weak points of online casinos. The pros and cons are usually highlighted in the form of points. 

FAQs Section

The last bit of our casino reviews is the FAQ section. This section highlights some of the frequently asked questions regarding the casino we reviewed and provides answers to these questions. It is advisable that you go through this section since it might contain information that wasn’t covered in the review itself.

Online Casino Reviews – Our Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this far, we believe that you now have a clear picture of how to pick an online casino in South Africa that fits your gaming preference. It’s really good that you spend time ensuring that you get this right from the get-go. Signing up at an online casino while bypassing this vital step can work out for you. However, from experience, we know that it leads to disappointment most of the time. 

Regardless, whatever way you decide to play at the casino, we want to wish you all the best, and may you have as much fun as possible! 

List of online casino reviews

Online Casino Review FAQs

The accuracy dependends on the player’s judgment. Most of the reviews are written based on the reviewers’ point of view. So it’s all up to you to know how to identify a genuine review from the fake ones.

Playing at a good site comes with the following perks: 

  • Guaranteed payments in a timely manner 
  • Highest level of security and confidentiality 
  • Top quality service delivery
  • Round the clock customer support services 
  • Frequent perks, awarded in the form of bonuses and promotions

Yes, you can claim the bonus cash advertised in the casino reviews. However, you need to be at least 18 years of age before claiming the free money offered.

Unfortunately no! This is why it’s very important that you proceed with caution when dealing with the online casino review sites. Cross check the brands they recommend before signing up with any of them. 

Not always. Most online casino reviews will only make it easy for you to pick an online casino in South Africa by listing all the available brands in the sphere. It’s up to you to take these casinos through their paces before signing up.

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