All About Low Stakes Games

Low stakes games are those with the least amount of risk. In other words, it allows you to bet small amounts of money. To know more read our detailed review

Once upon a time, land-based casinos were in vogue but not anymore. One major reason for this is that they do not offer low stakes games which is what many South African punters want. These low-stakes wagers have a minimal risk that allows you to bet little amounts of money on them, so you can enjoy your favorite casino games without breaking the bank. That’s why many bettors nowadays opt for online casinos. 

Modern online gambling hubs now host such low-risk bets that allow gamblers to bet the bare minimum. That said, here are some additional things to know about low rollers in South Africa. 

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Distinctions Between Low-Stakes And High-Stakes Games

Depending on the criteria considered, casino games can be divided into different categories – they can be differentiated into low-stakes and high-stakes games. High-stakes games are essentially those with very high wagering limits as they allow you to wager huge amounts of money. Also, they are very common on online gambling platforms. 

Low stakes games, on the other hand, usually have minimal betting limits i.e, they allow you to bet as little as R1 on casino games. They are ideal for new players who are just getting introduced to the world of gambling. They are also quite common in online casinos in South Africa. 

Low-Stakes Games Review

Basis For Wagering On Low Stakes Games 

There are many reasons why gamblers opt for games with the least risks. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Sensible/Safe Betting – The most common reason why bettors in South Africa prefer these sorts of wagers is the financial security they offer. They serve as a safety net in the eventuality that things don’t work out. As a result, the player’s losses will not be too costly since he/she did not stake much in the first place. 
  • Inexperienced Bettors – For inexperienced gamblers, it is advisable to stick with games that have few wagering limits. This would help you to get familiar with the gambling world while staking the bare minimum. 
  • Trying out a new bookmaker – When trying out a new South African bookie, it is recommended not to opt for high-stakes bets. This is because you are just getting acquainted with the site and it is best to bet what you can afford to lose. 
  • High odds accumulators – On their own, wagering little amounts at casinos may not seem profitable. But when these little profits accumulate, they tend to amount to something huge. It is a great means of profiting from odds accumulators even with small investments. 
  • Other reasons include interest bets, as well as affordability/exchange rate factors. 
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The Effect Of Stakes On Payout

The effect of stakes on payouts is quite simple to understand. Stakes work on the principle that the higher a gambler stakes, the more his potential returns and vice versa. This means that although bettors who stake low have higher chances of winning, their potential yields would be small. 

However, it also means that these types of players are protected from huge losses if the cards don’t fall in their favor. Another good thing about games with minimal betting limits is that they offer more consistent wins when played right. As such, individual wins may not amount to much but their accumulation begets larger profits. 

Generally, the kind of stakes you play is determined by your gambling budget. For instance, if you plan to spend just R20, it means you would be staking majorly on minimum-risk slots and other such games. Thus, plan your gambling sojourn well to know the right games to bet on with respect to your bankroll. 

Types Of Low-Stake Games In SA Casinos 

At any renowned South African online casino, players encounter different types of games, varying from those with high maximums to low minimum limits. Among these games, you are bound to come across some that are specifically unique to low-risk bettors. These sorts of wagers make room for casual players to play their favorite slots without spending too much. Let’s look into some of them. 

Low-Stakes Slots 

Due to the nature of slots, it generally has low betting limits. It is no wonder therefore that many low-risk players opt for this game in place of their high-risk counterparts. Examples of slots like this are Rainbow Riches, Amazon Queen, among others. 

Low-Risk Blackjack 

Blackjack is another popular game that accepts punters who have no interest in staking huge amounts of money. Several South African bettors opt for blackjack because it also offers little house edge. Modern online casinos in South Africa usually offer low-rolling blackjack, you just need to find the right ones. 

Low-Stakes Roulette 

Roulette is one of the most sought-after games in online gambling hubs and this is so for a number of reasons. Among such reasons is that it allows players to place wagers as low as R1. This way, gamblers can enjoy this game of chance without the fear of breaking the bank. 

Low-Stakes Live Casino Games 

Taking a virtual seat at a live dealer table is one of the most popular ways to enjoy online gambling. Live dealer games are notorious for having high betting limits. However, low rollers are also not left out of the fun as they can bet small on these games without the fear of losing a fortune. Many online casinos in South Africa host games such as this. 

High-Stakes Or Low Stakes Games: Which Is More Common? 

Generally, in every casino, gamblers can expect to encounter both high-stakes and low stake games. However, while some casinos enforce a balance between these two categories, some others target their games more at high roller players. Hence, when selecting the right gambling platform, punters must take this into consideration. 


For those interested in modest wagering, games with minimal betting limits are the way to go. Also, they have several benefits among which is safe betting. Hence, find a suitable and renowned online casino to play any of their low stakes games. Good luck! 


As the name suggests, low stakes simply mean betting little amounts of money while gambling. It is ideal for gamblers who lack the stomach for risks

Nowadays, almost every gambling website allows low-risk wagering. Thus, by simply visiting an online casino and playing the right games, you can win more while staking the bare minimum

It is advisable for players who wish to stake low on games to make use of payment methods that accept low deposits. Examples of such payment methods include Skrill, Neteller, wire transfers, etc. Note that the minimum deposit amount varies for each casino

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